Download the complete PSClient features list.
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PSClient includes these capabilities:
  • Sales & Marketing - An automated system to standardize your front end sales procedures and track prospective client activities, including those generated at off-site remote model centers.
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  • Sales Management - Integrated sales reports, including reservations, cancellations, sales cycle durations, permit durations, construction stages reported by subdivision, model, sales person, etc.  Reporting is accurate and up-to-the-second based on the latest sales activities. 
  • Contract Administration - Easily manage contracts, change orders and all client documentation issues, using your existing contracts in an MS Word format.  Model / option selections can automatically update sales contracts, change orders and addenda.
  • Construction Scheduling - Quickly create construction schedules with job superintendent and subcontractor.  Scheduling projections based on standardized models are automatically updated based on the sales front end (model & option selection).
  • Warranty Management - Warranty tracking and creation of warranty activities (including no-billable work orders) wraps up the complete system.  Warranty issues can be tracked by type, model, vendor, etc.  Subcontractors with outstanding warranty issues can be restricted from future invoice payment.
  • Inter-Office Communication - Your entire staff, all workstations, including remote model centers, construction offices and traveling personnel remain in touch and current on schedules and client action items.  Action items can be presented by user and type and are historically maintained as a client (customer) record.