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CMS Preferred Vendor Network
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Today's housing market is creating many challenges and few opportunities for companies to acquire new business. At CMS, we believe in providing exceptional quality and service for all of our clients. We also believe our clients deserve every opportunity to succeed. Staying true to these beliefs, we have created the CMS Preferred Vendor Network. The CMS network will link builders with preferred sub-contractors in an effort to find better quality at competitive prices. Likewise, subcontractors will work directly with CMS to gain access to more work from CMS builder clients.
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The CMS preferred vendor network is designed to do four things:
  1. Provide CMS builder clients with a diverse group of vendors from all types of trades.
  2. Establish working relationship with vendors who provide the best quality and service at a competitive price.
  3. Provide subcontractors more opportunities to acquire work from CMS builder clients.
  4. Develop clear expectations for communication between CMS, the builder and the vendor in regards to bidding, prices and scopes of work.
Why now?
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The housing landscape has changed.

  • Home buyers are facing increased scrutiny obtaining financing.
  • Home builders are drastically reducing their prices to move their inventory.
  • Material suppliers and vendors are facing increased competition and decreasing demand.

Our builder clients are looking for innovative ways to bring more affordable housing to market. This can be achieved by combining quality products and services with affordable prices, utilizing an organized purchasing network.
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At CMS, we work with many builders. Some we provide bookkeeping services, others we draw their plans and for some we manage their entire estimating, take-off and purchasing system. Regardless of the level of service our clients receive from us at one time or another virtually every CMS builder client has asked the same question: "Do you know a good plumber or insert other trade here ?" Until now our response has been reserved when providing referrals but we have determined a more appropriate way to assist our clients is to identify, interview and incorporate local vendors into one Network, the "CMS Preferred Vendor Network".


  1. Additional opportunities to bid CMS builder clients' work.
  2. Your company listed on the CMS website.
  3. Your company profiled in monthly email newsletter when selected.
  4. Your company referenced on CMS "Preferred Vendor Network" flyers and brochures.
  5. Email alerts and invitations regarding upcoming CMS events.


  1. Provide timely response to all CMS bid requests and price updates.
  2. Provide regular price updates as a result of market adjustments.
  3. Business license & insurance certificates available upon request.
  4. Ability to work with Purchase Orders.