• Got an idea for a new house design? We can help you make your vision a reality.
  • Bring us your sketch, define your building parameters and we'll mock up a drawing.
  • We'll meet, review the specs and modify the plans as necessary.
  • Tell us the level of detail you want in your plans and we'll make it happen.
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  • Custom Design Work - We have two pricing structures:

    New ** plan designs - $1.25/SF plus add-on’s
    Revisions *** & site visits - $85/hour
  • Brochure - We mock up floor plans, a front elevation, and confirm the building feasibility. You market the plan, sell the plan, and contact us to complete the plan once it's been sold.

    Brochure pricing – 60% of the total SF price. Balance will be billed upon completion of the “Permitable” set.
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    This allows you the flexibility to develop a portfolio without the costs of fully drawn plans.
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  • Permitable - You'll receive a full set of house plans including all applicable building sections floor plans, elevations, braced wall panel diagrams and any necessary details.
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  • Revisions - Already have a plan? Bring it in and we'll incorporate it into our CAD software. As you or your home buyers make revisions, we'll modify the plans and ensure their feasibility.
        Prices Subject to Change Based on Sliding Complexity Scale
**    New plan designs refers to designs new to CMS

***  Revisions refers to plans already residing within the CMS portfolio