With the use of Prosoft’s Job Cost Accounting software module and the construction knowledge of the CMS staff we can provide the following functions & reports related to actual job costing.
  • Track budgeted costs vs. actual costs by project, subdivision, county, superintendent, bank etc.
  • Generate Job Cost Reports to accurately show job cost and reconcile variances by job
  • Review invoices for accurate job cost assignment in the accounting system
  • Interact with you, your subs & superintendents to clarify or determine the proper job or cost code item ( foundation, framing, veneer, specific labor or materials)
  • Review HUD reports to ascertain proper closing items and accurately cost
  • Provide bank lender reports based on job, subdivision and lender in summary or detailed form
  • Provide Job to Job, Model to Model cost comparison reports
  • Print actual Change Orders if needed and track their status with you and the homeowner
  • Generate Change Order Reports summarized or by project, vendor, etc.
  • Provide reports based on completed contract or percent complete method of accounting
  • Project cost to complete analysis
  • Provide AIA Draw management services and create AIA (G701,G702,G703) forms for bank submittal